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Hotel Engineers

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The HOTEL ENGINEERS takes over the design and the plantation studies required for the formation of the surrounding area of tourist accommodation. The landscape architects at the autopsy plan through planning landscape architecture study programme with the main factor in the aesthetics of the space.

The process of the study are as follows:

A. Visit the site and register the following items

  • Functionality of the site.
  • The microclimate and the makroklima of the region.
  • Recording of plants that like and fit.
  • The peculiarities of the space water pressure and flow Measurement, so the study of automatic watering be done with absolute precision.

    Ensuring the smallest possible water consumption. And the excellent irrigation area.
  • Sampling for soil analysis. Kokometrikis recommendation, measuring humidity level in order to make the

    appropriate choice of plants, for the venue that will thrive.
  • Accurate measurement of space for calculating both the right quantities of materials and better design.

B. Studies-design surroundings

  • Design of the garden.
  • Study of an irrigation network.
  • Study of planting (choosing plant material suitable for the existing climatic conditions and ideal planting distances).
  • Study of lighting.

Our aim is to cover with our services the needs of all tourist accommodation throughout Greece
For more information and details on coverage areas contact us.

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