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Hotel Engineers

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HOTEL ENGINEERS takes over the fire safety certificate issuance or renewal of the certificate of fire safety, for tourist accommodation required for issuing a certificate on the basis of the existing Greek legislation.
On the basis of the applicable Greek legislation (law GAZETTE 4070 82A 10/4/07 ARTICLE 150 Fri. d) does not require the issuance of a certificate of fire safety in tourist accommodation to 19 beds (furnished rooms, furnished apartments).
HOTEL ENGINEERS, fire safety study, gathering evidence about the completeness of the dossier for submission, the procedure for handling of the dossier in the fire service, an autopsy by the company's Engineer for final checking fire safety installations before the autopsy of the fire service and fire safety Certificate delivery and receipt in tourist accommodation.

Our aim is to cover with our services the needs of all tourist accommodation throughout Greece
For more information and details on coverage areas contact us.

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