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Hotel Engineers

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HOTEL ENGINEERS constituted by a group of engineers with at least a 12 year experience in the field of studies, project management, licensing, Supervisions and constructions. The last 7 years we operate in the field of tourist accommodation

An experienced team staffed by Architects, Civil engineers, Mechanical engineers, Agronomists, Surveyors and Interior Designers, undertakes the design of all studies need to be licensed and to construct a tourist lodging.

The head and founder of HOTEL ENGINEERS is George Plageras, a mechanical engineer, with a 12 year experience in the field of operating licenses – electromechanical studies, construction and project management.

The core engineers of HOTEL ENGINEERS consists of:

Lampadarios Pappas (Architect), with 20 years experience in the field of studies and constructions in Greece, while the last years in Australia (Sydney).

Evangelos Tavris (Mechanical Engineer), with 12 years experience in the construction, management and supervision of projects.

Athanasios Glykos (civil engineer), with over ten years ' experience in the field of structural design, license management and supervision of projects.

Dimitrios Plageras (Interior Designer), with a 12 year experience in the field of decoration, research studies of new materials and supervision.

HOTEL ENGINEERS staff also, Maria Kostakis (Architect), Timotheos Papadatos (Mechanical Engineer) George Troufakos (electrical engineer-energy Inspector), John Rodopoulos (Surveying engineer), Evi Glykos (landscape architect),Panagiotis Theodorakopoulos (Agriculturist), Dimitris Giotopoulos (Surveying engineer), Nicholas Giotopoulos (civil engineer), Dimitrios Skourlis (shipowner)-(Web Developer) and Demetrius Kontarakis (SEO Specialist)

HOTEL ENGINEERS undertakes in the field of authorizations of hotel accommodation:

  • Building permits
  • Arranging of arbitrary constructions
  • operating licenses or renewal or change of name (EOT) in Hotels, rooms to let, furnished houses – villas
  • licensing tool camps (camping)
  • Authorization in swimming pools and health interest stores according to Greek regulations (café, bar, restaurants, etc).
  • Converting existing houses and traditional or historic buildings into tourist accommodation.
  • Upgrading hotels in superior category (stars)
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Energy Performance Certificate (Energy Certificate)
  • Certificate of conformity to the sewers in areas not serviced by centralized sewerage networks

In the field of hotel accommodation studies:

  • Architectural
  • Static
  • Electromechanical
  • Surveying
  • landscape architecture
  • interior design
  • fire safety building performance

In the construction sector hotel accommodation with certified technicians and technicians:

  • Building facilities
  • Electromechanical installations
  • Landscape
  • Reconstructions – Renovations of buildings

In the field of the Internet, focusing on showing hotel accommodation, rented rooms and camps:

  • Professional Website Design
  • Build Specialized Applications Online Booking
  • Website promotion in search engines
  • Website promotion in Social Media
  • Website advertising with Google Adwords

Our goal is to complete each project design and implementation, focusing on the functionality and the particular aesthetic needs, and always with respect for the natural environment.

Our philosophy is based on consistency, the competitive prices of our services, technical training for our engineers and technicians, the timetable of the construction and services we undertake and the immediate response and resolution to the problem that concerns every entrepreneur who trust us.

Ambition and our Vision is to contribute to our partner with the most comprehensive and valuable suggestions to meet the technical and functional requirements of the tourist business, so that this contribution be transformed into benefits and business value. Our experience in the field of design and construction is a guarantee for the high quality of our services

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Our aim is to cover with our services the needs of all tourist accommodation throughout Greece
For more information and details on coverage areas contact us.

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