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Hotel Engineers

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HOTEL ENGINEERS undertakes the construction of all electrical and mechanical networks needed in a hotel accommodation during construction or renovation. The electrical installations are manufactured by certified craftsmen of all disciplines and partner companies specialized applications under the guidance and supervision of our engineers.
The electromechanical networks produced by only certified materials with the appropriate specifications to meet the requirements of the accommodation needs to the maximum.

HOTEL ENGINEERS undertakes the construction of the following electrical and mechanical installations:

  • plumbing (water supply, sanitation, irrigation)
  • heating and air-conditioning and ventilation
  • Gas networks 23mbar, 300 mbar – gas
  • Electrical installations (strong currents)
  • Electrical installations (low voltage) network alarm, closed circuit television CCTV, telephony, data.
  • Lift
  • Networks extinguishing – fire
  • Facilities Renewal - pumping - water treatment

Our aim is to cover with our services the needs of all tourist accommodation throughout Greece
For more information and details on coverage areas contact us.

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